IGF Festival Artiste 2015: Amarnath Ranatunga


Amarnath Ranatunga will be performing for:
CHENNAI International Classical Guitar Festival & Competition
BANGALORE International Classical Guitar Festival & Competition


  • In 1964 studied Classical Guitar from the American classical guitarist Mervyn sanders and Indrani Silva.
  • In 1977 studies Flamenco Guitar from the Mexican flamenco guitarist, Fredric Bruno.
  • First Sri Lankan to lecture the Classical and Flamenco Guitar in an university. (University of the visual Performing Arts, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka)
  • He is the one who developed the syllabus of classical and flamenco guitar for the four year BA degree. (Bachelor of Performing Arts)
  • His books and CD on “The Classical and flamenco Guitar” is the first venture of its kind by a Sri Lanka


Amaranath has managed to blend both; the classical and flamenco style wherever possible
Sunday Observer

In appearance he is a simple man but he creates a complex world through his style of music
The Nation

He interprets many different styles with so much feeling. Listen to him was a very special pleasure to me
Ulrich Steier – German classical guitarist

His proficiency and competence in western music is an asset to both Sri Lankan as well as to the international community
SBS – Radio Corporation Australia

August 7, 2007 was definitely an unforgettable day in the history of Sri Lanka music as country’s leading classical and flamenco guitarist released the first literary work a book titled “Classical & Flamenco Guitar” along with the CD
The Sunday Times

Let not these finger tips be cuffed in the prison of history

He was the pioneer in the introduction of the flamenco guitar to Sri Lanka

He is the genius who pursued the dual of piercing two styles of the guitar music simultaneously


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