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2019 GFA Youth Guitar Orchestra


As promised, here is #GFA2019 Youth Guitar Orchestra directed by Chuck Hulihan premiere of ‘Guitarchestra No.10’ composed by Mark Houghton.
Some Interesting notes about the piece. It’s subtitle ‘Festive’ is a reference to the ‘festive key’ symphonies of Joseph Haydn. The CODA of G.10 has a quote from the French National Anthem ‘ La Marseillaise’ because, at the time of writing the closing measures of the piece, there occurred the fire that destroyed the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris (4.15.2019) it seemed fitting to mark the date in time. Chuck Hulihan worked closely with Mark Houghton as the chief proof reader of the score and produced detailed fingerings for all the 6 parts used by the GFA players. Congratulations to Chuck, Mark, and the orchestra for their work!
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