Guitar Masters 2016 – Andrés Campanario /// CLASSICAL GUITAR / ROUND I


VOTE for your favourite musician participating in Guitar Masters 2016! The guitarist who collects the biggest amount of “THUMBS UP” by 30.08.2016 will win a guaranteed spot in Round II – Live auditions in Wrocław, Poland. || More info || Let’s meet Andrés: “The best I can say about the guitar and music in general is that it makes things more bearable for me because the world we live in . The guitar gives me the opportunity to travel around the world, meet new people, keep learning from people like David Russell, Manuel Barrueco, Zoran Dukic, etc.

I have been going to guitar festivals since I was a kid and I have been finalist in the Tokyo Guitar Competition twice.
Other than that, 2 years ago my teacher and good friend Román Gonzalez passed away and since then I feel that I have the obligation to study harder because he was very proud of me.
I have never been good in promoting myself so I don’t have any webpage :)”