Guitar Masters 2016 – Giacomo Susani /// CLASSICAL GUITAR / ROUND I


VOTE for your favourite musician participating in Guitar Masters 2016! The guitarist who collects the biggest amount of “THUMBS UP” by 30.08.2016 will win a guaranteed spot in Round II – Live auditions in Wrocław, Poland. || More info || Let’s meet Giacomo: “I completed my musical training studies in Italy: I enrolled at the Arrigo Pedrollo Conservatory in Stefano Grondona’s class and graduated at the age of 18 with special mention.

I am currently studying at the Royal Academy of Music in London in Michael Lewin’s class where, this year, I just completed my Bachelor of Music with First Class Honours and the discretionary Bache Fund Prize; here, the next academic year, I am starting my Master of Arts. On my entrance to the Academy, and after an audition with Julian Bream, I received the Julian Bream Trust Scholarship (also confirmed for the following academic years). Right from when I was very young I took part in several guitar competitions always obtaining excellent results and, on many occasions, winning the first prize. Recently I was selected by the IGF Young Artist Platform Scheme for a series of concerts across the UK (2016). Besides performing, I conduct important research with the Guitar in the field of composition (Quintet, for Guitar and Strings; Songs of Elegance and Wisdom, for Guitar and Voice, 2016).

In February 2015 the recording studio Stradivarius brought out my first solo CD “Giacomo Susani plays Petrassi, Bach, Tansman, Weiss”, which obtained excellent reviews from the public and critics (“BBC Music”, “Gendai Guitar”, “Il Fronimo”, “Amadeus” among the others). Moreover I am the Artistic Director of Momùs-More Music, a Musical Association based in Italy organizing classical music concerts.”