The Lovely Guitarist That Went Viral


We found her video in Instagram and shared it on our Facebook page. Since November 28th 2017 until now, her video was shared 5,523 times, resulting in :

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We are impressed to say the least.

This is the video

In our Instagram, her video was viewed 13,477 and got 2,356 likes! That’s amazing!

Who is this lovely guitarist?

Introducing Paola Hermosín.  She was born in Alcalá de Guadaíra, a city of Seville (Spain). Since she was very young, she showed enthusiasm for music, having her father Antonio Hermosín (flamenco cantaor) as a musical stimulus and influence. She started her musical studies at 8 years old in the Music Conservatory “García Matos” in Alcalá de Guadaíra, guided by the guitar professor Raquel Sanz.

She continued her classical guitar studies in the Professional Music Conservatory “Francisco Guerrero” in Seville, under the tutelage of professors as Lola Montes, Miguel Arriaza or Antonio Bonilla, and improving her musicality and technique during those years with the Maestro and guitar concert player Serafín Arriaza Vargas. She finished with an honours degree, winning the Extraordinary End of Studies Prize. She has also received masterclasses from Marco Tamayo, Lorenzo Micheli, Mª Esther Guzmán, Joaquín Clerch and many other guitarists.

Besides, she has offered concerts as a guitar soloist in places such as La Casa de la Provincia in Seville, “Gutiérrez de Alba” Theater in Alcalá de Guadaíra, Portuguese Consulate in Seville, “El Jardinito” Theater in Cabra (Córdoba), among many others.

Moreover, she obtained First Prize in the Paco Castillo Guitar Contest (IV América Martínez Encounter in Seville), Second Prize in the Bollulos Par del Condado (Huelva) Music Contest for all musical instruments and First Prize in the IV Contest of the International Courses of Music in Cabra (Córdoba), among other prizes.

Apart from loving her career as a musician, she also has a passion for teaching that she has developed as a music and guitar teacher at places like “Alberto Durero” German School in Seville and ONCE Provincial Delegation in Seville (teaching music and guitar to people with visual deficiency or blindness), combining it with her musical studies.

In addition, her passion for music made her also want to learn other styles such as jazz, bossanova or pop and rock. At that time, she evolve in these styles with the teacher and guitarist Ismael Sánchez. She developed her facet as a singer, songwriter and composer with all these knowledges.

At the age of 22, she is currently finishing her Higher Music Studies in “Manuel Castillo” Conservatory in Seville and finishing her University Degree in Primary Education.

You can find her and her music on her social media:

–         Youtube: Paola Hermosín

–         Soundcloud: Paola Hermosín

–         Instagram: @paohermosin

–         Facebook page: @paohermosin